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Sewage sludge leads to biofuels breakthrough
April 06, 2018
Researchers have discovered a new enzyme that will enable microbial production of a renewable alternative to petroleum-based toluene, a widely used octane booster in gasoline that has a global market of 29 million tons per year.

Scoping out soybean disease in Ontario
April 06, 2018
Know the enemy. That’s the goal of a project now underway in Ontario. In this case, the enemy is soybean disease.

Cover cropping to capture nitrogen
April 06, 2018
Red clover, alfalfa increase N and minimize leaching in the fall.

More accurate estimates of methane emissions from dairy cattle developed
April 06, 2018
An international consortium of researchers devised more accurate models to estimate the amount of the potent greenhouse gas produced by dairy cattle. The large scope of the project resulted in previously unreachable conclusions.

Smart Farm Equipment Helps Feed the World
April 06, 2018
Using AI and robotics, smart farm equipment will help farmers produce 70 percent more food by 2050 — to feed an ever-increasing world population.

Researchers Created Genetically Modified Plants To Resist Drought
April 06, 2018
A team of researchers found that a simple genetic modification of a protein can produce a plant that needs 25% less water to develop in the same way as in normal conditions.

How indoor farming and 'metagenomics' could change how we grow vegetables
April 06, 2018
The potential of microbiome management in hydroponic systems for enhancing health, productivity and quality of indoor farming crops.

Limiting seed treatment chemical escapes
April 06, 2018
A seed treatment is a vital and effective product, so long as it stays on the seeds where it can do its work. When it is released into the surrounding environment, however, it can cause significant political and environmental concern.

US Agriculture Secretary Issues USDA Statement on Plant Breeding Innovation
April 06, 2018
The statement says that USDA does not regulate or have any plans to regulate plants that could otherwise have been developed through traditional breeding techniques as long as they are not plant pests or developed using plant pests.

GMOs vs. gene editing: what’s the difference, and why does it matter?
April 09, 2018
The creation of GMOs involves inserting genes from other species into DNA. Gene editing, on the other hand, allows scientists to alter the DNA of an organism.

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