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Drought resistant, higher-yielding GM rice developed by Japanese researchers
June 07, 2017
Scientists at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science have developed strains of rice that are resistant to drought in real-world situations.

Plant breeding for a limited workforce
June 07, 2017
A vegetable researcher says specialty crop breeding is starting to find solutions for a lack of farm workers.

New bioplastic microbeads for cosmetics announced
June 07, 2017
Bio-on, an intellectual property company, has announced the construction of a new facility in Italy that will produce a new 100% bioplastic material, destined for use as a microbead alternative.

Gene editing opens doors to seedless fruit with no need for bees
June 07, 2017
Don’t like the seeds in tomatoes? You might be pleased to know that seedless ones have been created by gene editing.

Air Canada takes off with biofuels tests
June 07, 2017
In Canada, Air Canada just revealed its participation in the Civil Aviation Alternate Fuel Contrail and Emissions Research project, a research project to test the environmental benefits of biofuel use on contrails.

For first time, U.S. gasoline averaged more than 10% ethanol last year: Report
June 14, 2017
In what industry leaders heralded as proof that the “blend wall” is nothing more than a myth, a new study released Wednesday shows that U.S. gasoline contained more than 10 percent ethanol on average for the first time last year.

Meet CRISPR’s Younger Brother, SHERLOCK
June 14, 2017
Along with Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, Feng Zhang is one of the inventors of CRISPR-cas9 — or “CRISPR” for short — the cut-and-paste method for editing evens that’s taken genetics by storm.

Biotechnology: disrupting the Global Asset Classes of National Security
June 14, 2017
There’s big, positive news for the advanced bioeconomy this week.

Food tech: the future is now, say investors
June 14, 2017
Food prices are rising, corporates are failing to innovate and diets are shifting – it’s the perfect recipe for a food tech start-up.

Within 10 years, renewable could be cheaper than fossil fuels all over the world
June 14, 2017
The costs of renewable energy are going down all over the world.

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