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How wheat can root out the take-all fungus
June 04, 2018
In the soils of the world's cereal fields, a family tussle between related species of fungi is underway for control of the crops' roots, with food security on the line.

Costa Rica coffee farmers brew up a carbon neutral future
June 04, 2018
Carbon neutral produce has become the buzz term in the Central American nation of 5 million people as countries look to slash greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture while feeding growing populations.

How local communities can transition to sustainable energy systems
June 04, 2018
What makes for a successful transition to a low-carbon energy system? Local involvement, perceived fairness and information sharing, according to new research.

A hidden world of communication, chemical warfare, beneath the soil
June 04, 2018
New research shows how some of these harmful microbes have to contend not just with a farmer's chemical attacks, but also with their microscopic neighbors -- and themselves turn to chemical warfare to ward off threats.

How More Carbon Dioxide Can Make Food Less Nutritious
June 04, 2018
Carbon dioxide helps plants grow. But a new study shows that rice grown in higher levels of carbon dioxide has lower amounts of several important nutrients.

Canadians divided on GMO safety but most support labeling, survey finds
June 04, 2018
A survey of consumer attitudes finds that the majority of Canadians believe that genetically modified (GM) food is thoroughly tested before it reaches consumers, but still support labeling.

‘The familiarity factor’: Consumers want recognisable protein sources
June 04, 2018
As consumer interest in protein continues to grow food makers are working to differentiate themselves based on protein source. But, new research suggests, consumers are most accepting of proteins that are recognisable and familiar.

Can blockchain build a sustainable food industry?
June 04, 2018
Blockchain is taking off, with a growing number of food companies and retailers experimenting with this new technology. Consultancy Ecovia Intelligence sees blockchain bringing many sustainability benefits to the food industry.

European studies disprove Seralini’s GMO maize tumor claims
June 10, 2018
Three European studies have disproved Gilles-Éric Séralini’s widely circulated claims that genetically modified maize (corn) induces tumors in rats.

The smart ways grocers are tackling food waste
June 10, 2018
The reality is that every year, at least one third of all food produced globally is wasted or lost along supply chains.

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