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'They need us right now': New mental-health foundation aims to help struggling farmers
February 09, 2018
The initiative, called Do More Ag, aims to break stigma through awareness and educational campaigns connecting farmers with mental health resources.

Canadian technology behind new solar powered hatchery
February 09, 2018
Canadian incubator company Jamesway was a key contributor to an innovative new hatchery in Guatemala.

Alberta BRIMS to provide biomass data to the public
February 09, 2018
It aims to advance the bio-economy in Alberta by supporting investment, guiding policy development, and fostering further analysis.

Farmed seafood and livestock are comparable using alternate feed efficiency measure
February 09, 2018
The study contributes new insights into feed conversion efficiency -- that is, the efficiency of the process by which feed is turned into meat -- across species, and uses a new analysis to assess this efficiency.

Study finds soy is healthiest plant-based milk
February 09, 2018
When researchers compared the nutritional profiles of four popular “alternative” milks, they found that soy milk came out on top.

Arctic Fuji apple receives Canadian approval
February 09, 2018
Arctic Fuji trees will join the growing commercial orchards of Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny apples in spring 2018.

The dos and don’ts of running a drip irrigation system
February 09, 2018
Drip irrigation is no longer the ‘new kid on the block,’ and nearly 10 per cent of U.S. farms rely on it to grow their crops.

Farmland could be used to sustainably offset America’s entire carbon footprint
February 09, 2018
Positive agricultural interventions could achieve up to 6% of reduction emissions needed to achieve the Paris Agreement goals—showing that this sector is not only part of the problem, but part of the solution to climate change.

Study Shows Cover Crops May Increase Yields Over Time
February 09, 2018
Fields planted with cover crops showed an average 8 percent increase in corn yields compared to similar test fields not planted with cover crops. This resulted in a 30 percent increase in revenue per acre.

Dairy calves are natural optimists or pessimists, just like us
February 09, 2018
Some calves are inherently optimistic or pessimistic, just as humans are, a new study has found. The study also assessed fearfulness through standard personality tests, and found that fearfulness and pessimism are closely related.

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