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Chew on this: Scientists develop GM purple rice that can cut cancer, diabetes risk
August 09, 2017
There have been many attempts to produce genetically modified purple rice in the past.

Global hunger challenge requires mix of high-tech, GM and organic methods
August 09, 2017
By 2050, we’re going to have a lot more neighbors.

Biotechnology confusion: Differences among GMOs, gene editing and genetic engineering
August 09, 2017
Your body contains trillions of cells which make up the physical you.

No space for data? Store it in DNA
August 09, 2017
Creating 'storage files' in genetic material among advances in synthetic biology field.

Economic study suggests the extent and cost of food waste are dramatically overstated
August 09, 2017
The increasingly loud debate about food waste could easily lead one to believe it is “the” biggest issue industry currently faces, but a new study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics suggests most estimates are overblown.

Ag-tech is attracting women-led innovations, and they’re disrupting
August 09, 2017
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s recent resignation over inappropriate remarks about women raises questions of gender diversity and success in tech startups.

On-farm trials yield unbiased, local data
August 16, 2017
On-farm research takes time and patience, but the rewards are often worth the extra effort.

The Consumer-Producer Experience
August 16, 2017
Has technology caused a divide between consumers and producers? Can technology also close the gap?

ABFC report shows increasing use of biofuel use in Canada
August 16, 2017
Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC)has released the most comprehensive study to date of biofuel use in Canada.

Big manufacturers are ‘losing sales to small firms’
August 16, 2017
Big food and drink manufacturers in the UK and US are losing sales to small suppliers, as retailers bid to lure millennial shoppers, reveals new research from Mintel.

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